13 - Derby day

February 13, 2011
No post yesterday, due to the fact that I was out enjoying my derby day adventure. It was amazing, I highly enjoy everything derby related.

Day started off with training (extra) at Bowhill in Fife with the amazing teacher Alma Geddon and my lovely derby wife Knock-Turnal.

I love Saturday morning sessions, really wakes you up for the rest of the day. Think I've sort of got reverse skating cross-overs (skating clockwise and doing cross-overs, where as we usually skate anti-clockwise) and transitions (turning round while skating). Brilliant.

Then we drove the like two hours to Aberdeen to see the lovely Perth girls and the Aberdeen girl (who I had never seen and therefore didn't have a t-shirt :p) play against each other in Taco Hell. Amazing game, with the final score being Aberdeen 129 - Perth 57. Aberdeen had some amazingly fast jammers, and I always get derby crushes when I see amazing jammers playing. I would love to be able to skate to fast and fearless enough to be a jammer. Can but hope. 

Very happy as I got two Aberdeen t-shirts, so only a Glasgow one left to get now to represent the Scottish girls! Though I need to get a CCR t-shirt, as I have seen them play, but didn't buy a t-shirt. Silly Kim.

The rest of the night was spent at Jimmy Chungs (duck pancakes, nom!) and going to see Moo at City Cafe for her birthday, though we were only out for a couple of hours.

Alma is couching our session today, so I'm really looking forward to it. I sweated so much yesterday I had red hair dye pouring down my face and staining the underside of my chin. Cannot wait.

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