11 - The last of the craft hauls

February 10, 2011
I honestly think there isn't anything I need craft wise any more. Another trip to Hobbeycraft and another £46 down I was pretty much convinced of this. Then I went on Sublime Stitching's website and bought a couple of other things for about £23, and now I definitely know I don't need anything else.

While I was at Hobbycraft I did get some nice craft kits for a coaster, a keyring and magnet. So I will be getting my cross-stitch on a little more over the few days.

A girl from our derby team has just had a couple of our team logos drafted up as cross-stitch patterns, so those are quite tempting. Though I feel they are beyond my skill level right now.

 On non-craft note, tomorrow I am attending my first Ann Summers party. I am a little bit terrified to say the least, but I'm sure it will be most fun. Not that I'm planning on buying anything but I've never even set foot in Ann Summers for too long, so it's a scary thought.


  1. Ahhhhh im so jealous! I was meant to go to the Brighton craft thing today but ive got too much work to do :-(

    Are they the clear coasters? I got some of those, I also got about 10 clear keyrings off amazing to try!

    Have fun at the ann Summer party!


  2. Yeah it's a clear coaster with a lavender pattern and a clear keyring with a rose pattern. And the magnet is a little highland cow. Quite excited. Was going to just get framed ones again, but thought it would be good to something I could actually use. I want to buy little carboard frames to put other ones in cause there were loads of nice kits that came minus the frame.

    Ha ha oh god I'm scared, never been to one before :P but I guess it's an experience. And dancey fun times after it so it's all good :D


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