10 - Cross stitch 1

So I finished my first cross stitch kit tonight (tick towards two New Year's things) and it look quite good. I fucked up in a couple of places, and I made the crosses too big in a few places, but overall it looks good. I also ran out of dark brown, so I had to use more grey on the cat's face for the definition. Still looks nice though. Well chuffed. Next one I do I will definitely be doing the stitches first and then the outline, and I sense it will look a lot better.

So here's a picture of it in it's wee frame:

Kitty cross-stitch

I've had this kit for so long, no way should it have taken me this long to do it. I liked it but cross stitch is like stressfully restrictive. I think embroidery will be better because you can basically do what you want in terms of stitches (well according to my books anyway).

Now I just to find somewhere to display it.

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